if the Son sets you free,
 you are truly free.

                                                                            --John 8:36, NLT


"If you continue

in my word

you will

know the truth


the truth will set you free"



            the scriptures are to be explored, discovered ovr time.

            God shows us a principal, an insight,  a key  in scripture.

                   some hold onto such a principal but still struggle to get free.

           here Jesus Christ is making it clear that  freedom comes from continuing in His word

              to obey His commandments

              as we pray for further insight / principals.

   prayerfully  searching the scriptures for answers is commended.

       I am grateful for being taught this as a young man

  another way of applying this principal

is that it is ok to ask God questions

     as we seek the answers.

I have found that often the answers  come as a suprise

often from unexpected sources.

     I often pray

asking God to show me a scripture

or to bring a scripture to mind.

or a scripture stand out during church.

   I've built this site from scriptures that have helped me

my task is to explain how these passages have helped me and continue to help me.