Isaiah  Chapter 40  verse one

Comfort. O comfort my people....

         It is merciful to comfort the afflicted

       How sad my friend had reached the point of despair

              because "no one cared"

      Providing comfort is so important.


      One thing I learnt in denominational ministry is how much people appreciated me visiting isolated communites, nursing homes etc.

We've become too focused on building numbers at church

and trusting programmes


when caring for people is what counts.

just to be there.


Weather our friend or relative is in grief, or a survivor of sexual abuse

or an accident

just to be there and to comfort.

not patronising.

not expecting anything in return

just to be suportive


to speak caring and comforting words.

which empower.


    As one progresses through stages of recovery,

as one experiences trauma release

 there  may be  a level of shock or suprise during a realisation  that so much trauma was in our muscular skelital system

  and  during the post trauma  adjustment

one may need reassurance from health care professionals, our pastor or trauma sensative  friends and relatives.

              those who are simply  being supportive during the process

                    simply being  comforting and reassuring.