I heard a segment on Hope 103.2 radio in Sydney - Sunday night open house segment 21/11/2010

People were being interviewed who had suffered grief and loss

Listeners rang to testify of God helping them through
How their faith and perseverance had strengthened their character.

can I say with compassion that we experienced a loss
weather a loss of innosense when I was sexually abused in my infant years  or the parent who rang in talking about the grief of loosing a child .

that the scripture is true
"suffering produces character."

that is it was meant for evil
we grieved, we went into trauma to cope
but it was not futile
something good can come out of it

God has created within us an amazing resiliance
and what was meant to destroy can be a source of strength.

I take great hope in this.

remember , I am the survivor of sexual abuse of the most severe forms before I had completed infants school.

What kept me going
was that my grandmother and my aunt and later my Sunday School
teacher showed me the love of God
and the power of the love of God
and their love for me

I learnt that
                     "love casts out fear."